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Amazon HQ2 Tour in Arlington

Project Type: Commercial

Project Location: Arlington, VA

Summary: CREW Northern Virginia organized a site tour of Amazon HQ2 in April 2024 and it was a fantastic visit! For the most part, Amazon is trending in the direction of many modern office spaces with coffee shop vibes, lots of plants, amenities and meeting spaces; attractive areas with natural light you would be drawn to hang out in. Food options, etc. It was buzzing with activity and so cool to get to tour!

Here are a few notes I took after my visit:

  • Amazon has "center of energy" floors that live up to the name - these are amenity and meeting spaces on floors 2 and 3 connected with a staircase

  • There is 55,000 sq ft of retail on first floor with museum/exhibit style spaces for the public and events; garage style doors open up to the park on nice days

  • All workstations are hoteling, height adjustable benching (didn't get to see those floors); Gensler designed

  • They have an urban farm on floor 15 managed by a local edible garden non profit Love and Carrots complete with several blueberry patches and seasonal crops for donation

  • 8,500 people swipe in on peak days between the two buildings

  • Met Park just outside the buildings is amazing - it's a gift from Amazon to the community; a 2.5 acre park for dogs, kids and people to enjoy

  • The building recycles 10 million gallons of rainwater a year with underground cisterns that clean and treat the water (they use 11 mill gallons when it should be around 21) and reuse it in the building; they also use low flow water saving plumbing fixtures; This water recycling was added as a feature because the company thinks reusing water is important. This does not add a lot of cost savings and we are not in a drought prone area.

  • ZGF designed the core shell building

  • It's a dog friendly office with dog park terraces on the working floors I didn't see; sounds awesome though!

  • They have a 700 person conference center for any use from concerts to all hands, skylights dim and natural light can be black boxed for a concert

  • Biophilia everywhere!

  • Green roof

  • Operable windows can be opened by any employees. A sensor goes green on days when the window being open is ideal based on the weather and goes red on days when heat/cold and humidity will cause HVAC to work harder

  • Bezos does NOT believe in work gyms, so there is no gym in the building, but there are showers and a bike room

  • Furniture in amenity spaces is super varied and fun. Apparently a team of 4 worked as the main furniture team. (sounds like a lot of work)

Those are my notes. I found the tour inspiring! Enjoy these photos.

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