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Alexandria Amenity Space - Progress photos

Project Type: Office

Project Location: Alexandria, VA

Installation Date: October-November 2023

Manufacturers Shown: Kimball, Wayfair, Clear Design, FLOR, Enwork

Project Summary: There is plenty of demand for amenity spaces in office buildings throughout the industry. Tenants want that coffee shop and co-working vibe - options to leave their suite for a break, to take a call, or host a meeting in a more casual setting. When a tenant that occupies an entire floor moves out, it gives the building asset manager(s) an opportunity to re-imagine the space in a new way. That's exactly what happened here, and we will install more furniture soon to round out this project. For now, I'll highlight the live edge acacia tables we used for the kitchen bar, which add a nice natural touch to this modern space.

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